Traditional Cambodian Wedding are the series of ceremonies and celebrations lasting three days and three nights where family, friends, and other members of the community come together to share in the celebration. It is a grand affair, full of color and festivity, as well as steeped in tradition. However due to the demands of modern life today, the wedding ceremonies are usually completed in one day.

Traditional Cambodian Wedding Program includes:

  • Groom’s Processional (Hai Goan Gomloh)
  • Call to Ancestors (Sien Doan Taa)
  • Monks Blessing (Soat Mun)
  • Cleansing Ceremony (Gaat Sah)
  • Passing of Blessings (Bongvul Pbopul)
  • Knot Tying Ceremony (Sompeas Ptem)

Angkor Weddings and Events is also specialize in arranging a traditional Cambodian wedding at your residence or any venue of your choice. The ceremony also available as your preferences.

The description of Groom’s Processional Ceremony:

At 7.00a.m, the procession should start. A woman mediator goes and meets the parents to perform one more ritual of a formal marriage proposal. Two ladies are assigned to look at the presents to see if they are according to the parent’s wishes. and they are given priority to decide on the wedding.

The two ladies inspect the presents and report back to the parents. If the presents are in order, the ritual of the procession to the bride’s house takes place. This is a representation of the event to formalize the wedding. Then it is the time for offering “square betel container” which symbolizes the betel chewing. Following they perform the ritual of offering food to the spirits of the ancestors so that they can give the blessing to the new couples.

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