Eli Fava

“…..I wanted to personally write and thank you and your outstanding team for hosting the 60th Birthday party for Robert Friedland and his guests…If I may begin with Ms. Burd who competently handled the accommodation for over 30 global guests in approximately 25 rooms with incredible efficiency. Many amendments arose due to the travel demands of our guests, yet Burd constantly monitored all with great ease, offering us much appreciated peace of mind. Also each guest thoroughly enjoyed this service too….Mr. Mony who communicated with us sometimes daily was truly a superman. All our requests were dealt with immediate priority and such vigor that we were continually taken aback with his outstanding performance. From taking charge of a marquee from China, to having Kramas made to our specific instructions, to acquiring wine from a particular chateau, and so on. No feat was too small or insignificant which resulted in such a grand affair which I am sure will not be equaled again in this century, thanks to Mony’s personal and elegant touch…….”